Tatkal Awning Repair, oiling, greasing & Washing

By | 10/01/2022

Awning oiling ₹ 1000 only Call now.

tatkal Awning Repairing

awning Bring Renew at your home @₹ 1000

At Least 1000 ₹ Payable Oiling & Greasing Charges,

Awning Washing 2000 Up 100 SQ FT.

after become awning look like new

Today’s awning come in two basic types: manually operated models which are opened by hand and motorized models which operate by electricity. Each offers its own advantages. Benefits include low-cost affordability, easy adaptability to almost any deck or patio, and support arms that can be angled back against the house or set vertically on the deck or patio floor. These arms provide extra support and stability which some owners prefer in windy areas, and increase the awning’s versatility by making the attachment of certain accessories available.

Motorized awnings have no vertical supports. Instead, they have retracting lateral arms, creating an unobstructed shaded area. These awnings are operated by an electric motor, generally hidden inside the roller bar of the awning. The arms open and close the awning at the touch of a wireless remote control or a wall-mounted switch.

Modern awnings may be constructed with covers of various types of fabrics, aluminum, corrugated fiberglass, corrugated poly carbonate or other materials. High winds can cause damage to an extended awning, and newer designs incorporate a wind sensor for automatic retraction in certain conditions.

Aluminum awnings have long been popular in residential applications throughout the world. They are available in many colors and are usually painted with a baked-on enamel paint. Among the many benefits of these awnings are cooler temperatures inside the home, shade for your patio, extending the life of furniture and window treatments. Possibly the most beneficial feature of the awnings are the fact that they have a usable life of well over 40 years.

Some aluminum awnings are designed to be folded down and fastened to protect windows in case of storms such as hurricanes.

Awning Repair means Aluminum arm, fabric, gear box all awning checking and verified by technician Define Repair. Repair is the technical aspects of rehabilitation. It refers to the modification of a structure, partly or wholly, which is damaged in appearance or serviceability.